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Tons of emissions CO₂

VIVO! Bratislava
Design and supply of LED luminaires for foodcourt and corridors in VIVO! shopping center

Conceptual and design proposal for reconstruction of the lighting system of the shopping center Polus, including energy and economic analysis and subsequent delivery of the solution

57 %
186.250 kWh
93.125 kg CO₂
22.350 €


  • LED downlights 25 W
  • LED linear lamps 22/30/40 W
  • LED highbay luminaires 62/72 W
  • LED strips 5/8 W/m
  • New LED luminaires total 1571 pcs.
  • New LED strips 1200 m.
  • Efficient LED lighting
  • High energy savings
  • Long lifetime of LED luminaires
  • Autonomous dimming by daylight sensors
  • Achieved average illumination in communication areas and foodcourt above 200lx

Initial type of lighting

    • Downlights with metal halide lamp 35/70/150 W
    • Downlights with compact fluorescent lamp 26 / 2x26 W
    • Luminaires after their lifetime
    • Extremely inefficient luminaires / High energy consumption
    • High failure rate of the system
    • High maintenance costs
    • Absence of control system

The results

Upgraded LED lighting system consumes 57 % less power than the original lighting system 22.350 € yearly!

Thanks to economical LED technology, we lighten the environment by more than 93.125 kg emissions CO₂ yearly, which represents the volume of emissions that has to be absorbed 4656 mature trees.