Until now, we saved our clients 

Tons of emissions CO₂

Modernization of lightings in production hall

Design and overall installation of new LED lighting, including the addition of sensor control

58 %
58 kWh
34.500 kg CO₂
3 years 2 months
11.850 €


  • Highly efficient LED lights
  • Switching of certain parts using motion sensors
  • Long lamp life
  • 5 year warranty

Initial type of lighting

    • End-of-life industrial discharge lamps
    • Absence of sensor control
    • Frequent failure rate
    • High maintenance costs

The results

Upgraded LED lighting system consumes 58 % less power than the original lighting system 10.350 € yearly!

Maintenance costs decreased by 1.500 € yearly.

Thanks to economical LED technology, we lighten the environment by more than 34.500 kg emissions CO₂ yearly, which represents the volume of emissions that has to be absorbed 1725 mature trees.

Return of investment achieved 3 years 2 months.