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Tons of emissions CO₂

Modernization of illuminance in elementary school

Tailored design and realization of illuminance in elementary school Vajanského

35 %
5.058 kWh
2.529 kg CO₂
1.484 €


  • Luminaires with latest generation of linear fluorescent lapms
  • Fullfilled standard for glare (UGR<19)
  • Fullfilled STN standards for classroom illumination
  • Special asymetrical illuminance of blackboards
  • Correlated colour temperature (CCT 4000K) - day white
  • Prisma 2x14W | 27 pcs
  • Prisma 1x28W l 101 pcs
  • Punch II ECO 2x28W l 30 pcs
  • Punch II ECO 2x35W l 200 pcs
  • Asymmetric 1x35W l 60 pcs l special illuminance of blackboard

Initial type of lighting

    • Luminaires with very low efficiency with short operating life
    • Absence of blackboard's illuminance
    • High failure rate
    • Does not meet STN (Slovak technical norm) criteria
    • Bulb 100W | 315 pcs
    • Linear fluorescent lamp (18W-36W)

The results

Upgraded LED lighting system consumes 35 % less power than the original lighting system 1.484 € yearly!

Thanks to economical LED technology, we lighten the environment by more than 2.529 kg emissions CO₂ yearly, which represents the volume of emissions that has to be absorbed 126 mature trees.