Until now, we saved our clients 

Tons of emissions CO₂

PHOENIX Health supply
LED illuminance of stock houses

Design and realisation of modern lighting system in stock houses

64 %
160.000 kWh
80.000 kg CO₂
3 years 5 months
24.000 €


  • LED luminaires with high efficacy
  • Long operating life
  • Realisation of local lighting
  • Correction of luminaire's positions - better effectivity
  • 5 years warranty

Initial type of lighting

    • Luminaires with low efficacy
    • High costs for maintenance
    • High rate of fluorescent lapms failures
    • Low mainained intensity of illumination
    • Luminaires are in bad technical condition

The results

Upgraded LED lighting system consumes 64 % less power than the original lighting system 24.000 € yearly!

Thanks to economical LED technology, we lighten the environment by more than 80.000 kg emissions CO₂ yearly, which represents the volume of emissions that has to be absorbed 4000 mature trees.

Return of investment achieved 3 years 5 months.