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Tons of emissions CO₂

Mesto Šaľa
LED reconstruction of the lighting system in the City's sport hall in Šaľa

LED reconstruction of city sports hall lighting in Šaľa including electric distribution and ceiling coverings

70 %
151.055 kWh
75.527 kg CO₂
2 years
12.905 €


  • Efficient LED luminaires
  • Installing an emergency lighting system over the board
  • High el. power
  • Completely new electrical installation, including switchboard reconstruction
  • Intelligent DALI control system
  • Increase the average illumination above the playing area above 1500lx
  • Increase the intensity of lighting class I to national and international competition
  • Vertical lighting meets the requirements for lighting for color TV transmission

Initial type of lighting

    • High pressure 400W metal halide lamp
    • Halogen bulb 500W
    • Linear fluorescent tube 4x36W
    • Two-capped metal halide lamp 2000W
    • Unfulfilled STN standards for sports field lighting
    • Luminaires after their lifetime
    • Old and dangerous wiring
    • Absence of emergency lighting
    • Absence of control system

The results

Upgraded LED lighting system consumes 70 % less power than the original lighting system 12.905 € yearly!

Thanks to economical LED technology, we lighten the environment by more than 75.527 kg emissions CO₂ yearly, which represents the volume of emissions that has to be absorbed 3776 mature trees.

Return of investment achieved 2 years .