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New BMW Showroom Enthralls Everyone with LED Lighting

A new BMW showroom opened recently in Slovakia, located 50 km from the capital city Bratislava, features attractive lighting. The premium car showroom depicts a very much visible shift from oval luminaires to linear lighting in the car showroom.

Zumtobel Group is behind the innovative lighting design. The Project Manager, Roman Bartalský, together with architect Kristína Janeková, have created a revolutionary lighting concept based on long light lanes which symbolise both lanes on highways and car races atmosphere emulating the dynamics of the automobiles at the same time.

The inventive idea won the tender despite other offers from various lighting companies. The eye-catching lane effect was created with TECTON C LED in the interior part and SLOTLIGHT infinity under the canopy in front of the showroom.

Also, keeping in consideration the wellness of sales representatives and customers, and following the principles of Active Light and its effect on human beings, all the linear luminaires installed are in 4000 K to keep them energetic and fresh. The rise in demand of Human-centric lighting has increased lately. The lighting is devoted to enhance vision, health & wellbeing, and performance individually or in some combination.

Moreover, the areas such as chill-out zones and where the car purchase and deals are discussed and signed are installed with 3000 K versions of Beta office, Tecton, Mirel and Panos luminaires to render a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The premium car boasts of high-quality paint finish with neat character lines which are further highlighted with the newly installed ONICO L LED, colour rendering Ra>90, “True Gamut Rendering” versions in the 3-phase tracks in the showroom.

Additionally, all the showroom illumination is controlled by daylight-based Litecom system with various preset scenes to celebrate special occasions like shows and events.

New BMW Showroom Enthralls Everyone with LED Lighting